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Mark Barnett, our notary public at Statham Gill Davies will check the identity, capacity and authority of a person in order to verify or authenticate legal documents for use abroad.

A Notary’s signature and seal are recognised globally. Clients needing a document to be accepted as authentic in a foreign country will typically require a Notary Public to notarise that document.

Our clients can rely on Mark Barnett to provide a range of efficient and fast Notary services.

Our notary services help clients with the following:
  • Executing Powers of Attorney either personally or on behalf of a company or other legal entity for use in another country
  • Establishing a branch or subsidiary of an English company abroad
  • Opening a foreign bank account
  • Appointing foreign lawyers
  • Buying or selling a property overseas
  • Sending a certified copy of your passport abroad
  • When marrying abroad and needing to provide evidence of your single status to that jurisdiction
  • Getting duplicate documents such as a passport
  • Swearing an oath or affidavit
  • Making a statutory declaration
  • Authenticating a translation of a document
  • Getting permission for a child to travel with one parent
  • Legalisation or apostille of documents
  • Registration of trade marks
  • Notarisation of commercial documents
Notary terms of business and complaints procedure

Our specific Notary terms and conditions together with information about how to make a notary related complaint can be found here.


The Notarial practice of Mark Barnett is regulated through the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury:

The Faculty Office, 1 The Sanctuary, Westminster, London SW1P 3JT.

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